Almost done!

Then I get to rewrite 40,000 words of the 100,000 and then I get to edit! (Insert sarcastic YAY here). I have to think of editing as painting a penciled in drawing; that is what I will be telling myself through the potentially grueling process. “I am adding color, I am adding color.”

So why do I have to re-write the first half of my story? Because after almost four months, four months exact on Aug 21st, of writing a story, I realized how bad of a writer I was back then. Not that I am much better now, but I think I improved. At least improved enough to know how crappy of a job I did at the beginning, no?






Finally finished writing one of the two climaxes in the 4th, and last,  part of my story. One more climax and I can start wrapping it up, then proceed to editing–but that is another post altogether. Hoping to be done by the end of August.

The four parts of my story are all  different, reflecting each character that I introduced.

Discovery#1-I really enjoy characters with a sense of humor, so much easier to write and fun to read!

Discovery #2-I enjoy writing romance scenes–to clarify, not erotic romance. It is a young adult novel after all..

Discovery#3- I like complex inner character conflict.

Anyway need to get back to writing.





Problem solving

There is a lot of problem solving in writing, at least for me. I find that I am doing quite a bit of it in order to get characters out of problematic situations. It is nice when I can use previous information, which I had no intention of using later, in order to help me. Case in point:

I had described the scenery in my story as ‘foggy’ and am now using this fog to camouflage my characters as they attempt to get over fortress walls—Almost appearing as though I had thought it through. 🙂



Sapping the fun out of writing..

I started writing fiction this April, 2016. It started with a story constantly running through my mind that eventually pushed me to the computer. It was new and it was fun. As the story got longer, the word ‘publishing’ started to pop up more often.

Initially I was thinking, yep, self publish on amazon and free it into the world of readers. However I was naive to the world of publishing. And  now the thought of publishing makes my stomach churn. Not that I don’t want to do it, but that the anxiety associated with the thought of putting my first novel out there is constantly at the back of my mind. Much so, that it seems to be taking the joy out of just writing for me.

So for now I have tried setting my mind at ease by trying to just focus on finishing it, then focus on the editing, and then go from there.  Just need to push through I guess..


A to C

I am writing part A of a story and would like to jump to part C, but had to slog through part B. It definitely slows the pace of things and has me default to procrastination and avoidance. Hence, my post. 🙂

So here is a pretty picture I took after a day’s rain.


Setting descriptions..Thou doth Suck

Had to look over two books, and some photos, to do a one paragraph setting description. That is how much I know about castles, even though I have been in a few myself. I should have paid more attention to the plaques that described the function of the rooms and the layouts. Hopefully next year on my trip to Europe I will take a better mental picture.

The story is running..

…away from me. May have to write about a Medieval war, wasn’t planning on it, but there you have it. Good thing I made a trip to the library so I know what exactly happens in a Medieval war..Will I enjoy writing it, I don’t think so. But it may be the only way to save my characters.


73000 words and counting…


A very depressing setting indeed, has me writing at a snail’s pace. Apparently writing about eerie medieval times does not come natural to me.

I have now spent two days on one page. Another one of those hurdles I am hoping to jump and finally continue on with the rest of the story. However considering that the whole story will  be enshrouded with such a depressing atmosphere, it may be a while before I actually finish this book and move on to the editing.