Slowly Emerging

Currently doing some much needed rewriting but in the process the ending to my story is slowly emerging into my conscious.

Its strange.

It feels like I already have the story somewhere in my subconscious and now the ending has gradually started to leak out. One bit at a time.

Nope didn’t really have an ending planned when I started writing. :/)

Anyway I have learned is that the ending may be longer than I had anticipated and more complex…and I feel the plot is already more complex than it should be.  But apparently the  simple character that I thought was going to be my villain turned out to be another’s pawn. But not just ‘one’ other, possibly ‘six’ others.  Ones who I just briefly mentioned in passing without any further plans develop…who I originally thought of deleting and yet, I know this is strange, was unable to do so,  as though I knew what part they would play later but did not realize it until now.

Nonetheless excited about beginning the last book to my story. And anxiously awaiting all the excitement.

At this point I am my greatest audience. 😉



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