Slowly Emerging

Currently doing some much needed rewriting but in the process the ending to my story is slowly emerging into my conscious.

Its strange.

It feels like I already have the story somewhere in my subconscious and now the ending has gradually started to leak out. One bit at a time.

Nope didn’t really have an ending planned when I started writing. :/)

Anyway I have learned is that the ending may be longer than I had anticipated and more complex…and I feel the plot is already more complex than it should be.  But apparently the  simple character that I thought was going to be my villain turned out to be another’s pawn. But not just ‘one’ other, possibly ‘six’ others.  Ones who I just briefly mentioned in passing without any further plans develop…who I originally thought of deleting and yet, I know this is strange, was unable to do so,  as though I knew what part they would play later but did not realize it until now.

Nonetheless excited about beginning the last book to my story. And anxiously awaiting all the excitement.

At this point I am my greatest audience. 😉




I finished rewriting part one! Yay

Now to part two… *sigh*

Rewriting part one, was exactly that, rewriting, I may have copied and pasted three-four paragraphs. It went from being 22000 words to 39200.

I am hoping that in another month and maybe a few more weeks I can finish part two. And then proceed to finish the last part of the story which may stand alone as a third book..maybe by then I will know what will be happening..Most of my book has actually come out as a surprise. Poor planning? Maybe.

Then editing…But after rewriting, I much prefer editing.


Why I’m stressed

So my story wakes me up in the morning and pushes me to my computer. Today it got me up at 3am. 😦   (And I ‘m just rewriting! Maybe that’s why…. Characters want me to move on with the actual story that is still unfinished..just a guess..anyway..)

That is not why I’m stressed ( I just thought I would mention it). What stresses me about writing is the ‘what now’ once  I have am finished my story. Stressing me to the point that I started to think maybe this should be my last novel.

At least this was what I thought until wise words came my way telling me its my first story. My first experience as a writer. And as such it will cause me the most apprehension. (Yes I had already thought of this, but it just registered differently coming from another’s mouth.)


I am hoping that once I have gone from  A to Z   with this story  I  won’t feel like I am blindly feeling my way in this world of writing for the next one.

Emphasis on hoping.

Back to my story..

Rewriting is actually taking me longer then the first draft. Part one was originally 20000 words and I am already there and still haven’t reached the climax….And then I have to rewrite part two.

It may be a while before I start writing the last part. Which I am also a bit apprehensive about. I want it to be the last part so I can move on to another step, closer to having others read it.  But I am afraid my character will refuse to grow up and push for a sixth part in order to get comfortable with his new role.  Or I will just have a ridiculously long 5th part, a novel in itself..

Tired. Hoping my brain will let me sleep to a reasonable time tomorrow, 7 am would be nice.