Rewriting blues…

As I pulled out the first part of my book today I felt a little overwhelmed at the work ahead of me. All because I did a bit (a lot) of head popping in the first half of my book, and now pay the price by having to rewrite it instead of just editing. So as I look down at my printed copy, I see a pile of jigsaw pieces that I need to piece together to recreate the same story. *insert groan here*

On the positive side, I have finished the fourth part of my book which I am very happy with, at the moment. But who knows after rewriting the first half I may feel the need to do it to the rest. But I really hope not.



One thought on “Rewriting blues…

  1. Take a deep breath, Lily. First books take a long time and everything you learn and do now will translate into new skills for the future, as well as greater success when your book hits the world of readers. So many people think writing is easy, that you simply think up creative stories, sit down and type them out. But writing is a skill and craft, and like any other artistic endeavor, it requires careful work and dedication. Hang in there! You’ll be glad you did 🙂

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