Book store blues

Went to Chapters. Felt a little discouraged. Knowing that when, and if, I publish my book it will be like a needle in a haystack. If not in a bookstore on Amazon, or whatever self publishing method I decide to use.

It won’t stop me from finishing my novel. To close to being done to do so.


Just in a mood.


Author in residence

When I first started writing my novel, seems like ages ago, I went to a writer in residence at the university.  It turned out I needed to work on everything: grammar, structure…you name it.

Fast forward a few months and I went to see another author in residence, this time at a library. This time the opposite happened. She thought it was great: the story was interesting of the 10 pages she read  (better than many fantasy stories she had read, her words not mine), grammar was fine (she used the word ‘polished’) and so on… BUT  I actually came out feeling that my time had been wasted because I was looking to improve my writing and wanted feedback to do it.

So conclusion:

After 5 months of writing my writing skills improved significantly.


She was being overly nice.




Not just organizing the POV that were scattered throughout the story but also slightly changing the story, and by slightly it’s appearing to be a lot.

Thankfully I have what is called a nested novel, as I have recently been informed. Four stories within a story, all different yet all stitched together by the characters and an underlying plot.




Rewriting blues…

As I pulled out the first part of my book today I felt a little overwhelmed at the work ahead of me. All because I did a bit (a lot) of head popping in the first half of my book, and now pay the price by having to rewrite it instead of just editing. So as I look down at my printed copy, I see a pile of jigsaw pieces that I need to piece together to recreate the same story. *insert groan here*

On the positive side, I have finished the fourth part of my book which I am very happy with, at the moment. But who knows after rewriting the first half I may feel the need to do it to the rest. But I really hope not.