The race…

Has been extended…

I was thinking of finishing  this last part of the book and then edit, publish and so forth..however plans have changed.

I have decided that instead I would finish the sequel first and then have the story complete before looking into publishing which will then be a two part story. Or five light novels. Still debating….

Why wait? The character that drives the story did not develop- at all- like I had originally planned. He simply was incapable of doing so. If anything, he regressed. Which leaves me with a great challenge of finding a plot for this one character to step up to the role he was meant to play.

So simply put, I don’t feel comfortable, especially when I am dealing with such an unpredictable character, in  putting out the first book when I am still debating the last plot that will lead to its conclusion for the second book.  Clear as mud? 😉


One thought on “The race…

  1. I think this is a good decision on your part. I released my serial all together and will do that with the next one as well. Until we are famous (lol), I think a reader is more likely to pick up the next book if it is already available. 🙂

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