The race…

Has been extended…

I was thinking of finishing  this last part of the book and then edit, publish and so forth..however plans have changed.

I have decided that instead I would finish the sequel first and then have the story complete before looking into publishing which will then be a two part story. Or five light novels. Still debating….

Why wait? The character that drives the story did not develop- at all- like I had originally planned. He simply was incapable of doing so. If anything, he regressed. Which leaves me with a great challenge of finding a plot for this one character to step up to the role he was meant to play.

So simply put, I don’t feel comfortable, especially when I am dealing with such an unpredictable character, in  putting out the first book when I am still debating the last plot that will lead to its conclusion for the second book.  Clear as mud? 😉


Almost there but…

….Feeling like an Olympian racing towards the finish line with heavy work boot.

Apparently I am not as close to finishing as I thought.  I have to semi develop a romance between my two knights or at least get one to like the other, enough to keep him away from my sequel. I know he would be happier with the one I have betrothed to him anyway…but he seems to be fighting me on it.

So I  have to gather other characters to back me up, which will take maybe one more chapter.




Four Months

I was hoping that today, after four months of writing, I could say I finished the rough draft of my story, but I can’t.  Too tired.

Went camping for the weekend and am now too tired to finish the last two chapters. I tried, but its a struggle grasping for words.

It has been an interesting journey so far. Time consuming, but fun.

Maybe tomorrow….



Almost done!

Then I get to rewrite 40,000 words of the 100,000 and then I get to edit! (Insert sarcastic YAY here). I have to think of editing as painting a penciled in drawing; that is what I will be telling myself through the potentially grueling process. “I am adding color, I am adding color.”

So why do I have to re-write the first half of my story? Because after almost four months, four months exact on Aug 21st, of writing a story, I realized how bad of a writer I was back then. Not that I am much better now, but I think I improved. At least improved enough to know how crappy of a job I did at the beginning, no?





Finally finished writing one of the two climaxes in the 4th, and last,  part of my story. One more climax and I can start wrapping it up, then proceed to editing–but that is another post altogether. Hoping to be done by the end of August.

The four parts of my story are all  different, reflecting each character that I introduced.

Discovery#1-I really enjoy characters with a sense of humor, so much easier to write and fun to read!

Discovery #2-I enjoy writing romance scenes–to clarify, not erotic romance. It is a young adult novel after all..

Discovery#3- I like complex inner character conflict.

Anyway need to get back to writing.