Sapping the fun out of writing..

I started writing fiction this April, 2016. It started with a story constantly running through my mind that eventually pushed me to the computer. It was new and it was fun. As the story got longer, the word ‘publishing’ started to pop up more often.

Initially I was thinking, yep, self publish on amazon and free it into the world of readers. However I was naive to the world of publishing. And ย now the thought of publishing makes my stomach churn. Not that I don’t want to do it, but that the anxiety associated with the thought of putting my first novel out there is constantly at the back of my mind. Much so, that it seems to be taking the joy out of just writing for me.

So for now I have tried setting my mind at ease by trying to just focus on finishing it, then focus on the editing, and then go from there. ย Just need to push through I guess..



4 thoughts on “Sapping the fun out of writing..

  1. It’s a really difficult area. I sef published three collections and was the proudest dad ever, but there is a lot of tedious work that starts at that point – I recently gave away the last of the hard copies because the unsold stock (which was most of it) became depressing to have in my life.

    That’s actually turned out to be rewarding in a lot of ways, just not financal. For instance, the recipients were a local charity, and I occasionally have some delightful and bemusing encounters with folk who have now read the work and make references to some of the content, out of the blue. Disconcerting, but good.

    I think you’re right to see the novel through as a project in its own right. That’s a big achievement, right there.

    Good luck with your next steps Lily, I’ll be tuned in to read what comes of your efforts.



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  2. Thank you for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah I won’t be looking to make money, just to see it as an accomplishment. Just have to take it one word at a time.


  3. Publishing the first time is terrifying and exhilarating! Finish your novel first. Then ask other authors to beta read so you have some honest feedback to work with and do revisions. That will help a lot in building your confidence because you will know that any challenges have been addressed to the best of your ability. Criticism may feel negative, but before you publish, it’s your best friend.Then when you hit the publish button take a breath and smile ๐Ÿ˜€

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