A bit anxious..

Tomorrow I am meeting with a writer-in-residence at the University. Over  a month ago I sent him the first 15 pages of my novel and tomorrow we meet to discuss my writing. It was a raw, unedited version and now being two months into my novel, and re-reading what I submitted, I cringe at how  poorly written it was. I believe I have improved since then–even if I do say so myself.

Anyway quite curious to know what he will say.

Also just going to the University causes a bit of anxiety. University was hell, putting it nicely. I don’t have fond memories of parties and friends. If I wasn’t at school, I was studying, or I was working to pay for school. Or working as part of my schooling (I was a nursing student we worked at the hospitals)– I may have a bit of PTSD from it, still have  occasional nightmares–Putting it simply, it was a very stress filled program and I have never thought of going back to the university.

Sorry about my rant on my schooling  experience. But, yes, I did graduate.


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