Finally a novel..

The novel, and I say novel because it has now reached 54 500 words! Very exciting. I think in the end it may end up being about 80 000 words. For a fantasy novel it is short, however it is the first story I have every written- if you don’t count the short fiction stories in elementary school, which I don’t.

My book is divided into parts. I am working on the third part and am really liking a new character that I introduced, his name is Chaiyason. Chai Son means mischievous boy, which suits my character, but I decided that Chaiyason sounded better. He brings a touch of humor to a serious book, which is fun to write and read.

Unrelated. I signed up for an editing course. I am hoping this will help me tidy up the story when I finally finish, which I predict will be towards the end of August. I also signed up for a ‘how-to-self-publish- course’, may be the route I take considering how new I am at this writing thing.


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