Teeter Totter

I feel like I am on a teeter totter in the process of writing this novel. At times I think, “Wow its a pretty good story I am glad I am writing it”. And I go up.  Other times I think, “Maybe it’s not that good, what will I do with it after I am done? Will it even be good enough to self-publish?”. And I go down. Such a seesaw of emotions. Currently at 65,000 and counting.

I guess this is how it will be until I am done.


The Art in Writing

Writing is a new art for me, and I am learning how to use the brushes and colors that I possess to paint a written picture.

I have always recognized other forms of art such as music, painting,  photography, cooking and various others.  I have not perfected any, but enjoy them all. It wasn’t until I started writing fiction that I began to see the art in writing. So now I am trying to develop my writing skills in hopes of creating an unique piece of art.

I am glad that one of the arts I love is photography. As I find writing fiction draws me away from this world and the photography draws me back.



Pity Party

Note to self. Apparently the set backs in writing include a dog pushing the computer’s power button. I thought no big deal, I just finished saving it. And then I turn the computer back on and my computer now tells me the file containing my story is an invalid document. *insert tears here*.

I only lost one LONG interesting chapter. No big deal right. *sigh* Happy that I have been saving my story in my email account. Just need to do it more frequently now.



I was anxious that I may not want to write following my feedback with the writer in residence however it turned out better than I had expected. He had a lot of great suggestions on how to improve the flow of my story, structural work and editing needed, of course (as it was my raw copy). All-in-all a positive experience which will help me get my story to where I want it to be.



A bit anxious..

Tomorrow I am meeting with a writer-in-residence at the University. Over  a month ago I sent him the first 15 pages of my novel and tomorrow we meet to discuss my writing. It was a raw, unedited version and now being two months into my novel, and re-reading what I submitted, I cringe at how  poorly written it was. I believe I have improved since then–even if I do say so myself.

Anyway quite curious to know what he will say.

Also just going to the University causes a bit of anxiety. University was hell, putting it nicely. I don’t have fond memories of parties and friends. If I wasn’t at school, I was studying, or I was working to pay for school. Or working as part of my schooling (I was a nursing student we worked at the hospitals)– I may have a bit of PTSD from it, still have  occasional nightmares–Putting it simply, it was a very stress filled program and I have never thought of going back to the university.

Sorry about my rant on my schooling  experience. But, yes, I did graduate.